Animals and symbols kids tour

Animals and symbols kids tour

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Search for animals and symbols, discover history and have lots of fun at the same time!

Learning comes naturally when children are thoroughly engaged in the process, and there is nothing more engaging for children than outdoor places.

The center of the Rome is the perfect place to walk and explore some of the most famous sites in the city’s history. So let’s get your children excited about learning the fascinating art and culture of Rome:

What was the fastest fountain to be built in Rome?

What popular food used to grow on the streets of the area?

How many different types of animals and symbols can you spot during the tour?

Which Pope ordered his desserts from this area?

Places included on tour:

  • Largo Argentina
  • Fountain of the Turtles
  • Via Portico d’Ottavia
  • Area of the Jewish Ghetto and the Great Temple (outside)
  • Tiber Island
  • Theatre of Marcellus
  • Departure
    Largo Argentina / Theatre of Marcellus
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    Animals and symbols kids tour
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