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The history of the Jews in Florence can be traced over nine hundred years.

With our guide, a native historian of Florentine architecture and licensed tourist guide, you will discover the city from a Jewish perspective. She will make Jewish history come alive through her knowledge, stories and by actually taking you to the places where Jewish history was made and is still alive, including the magnificent Great Synagogue opened on 24 October 1882, a few years after the Emancipation of the Italian Jews in 1861 with the proclamation of Italian Unity.

An integral part of a visit to the Synagogue is the Jewish Museum: be fascinated by the silver pieces and fabrics originating from the old synagogues of the Florentine ghetto and photographic and archival documentation of the history of the Jewish community in Florence.

Jewish Life Experience can also help you planning a  full-day guided tour to the lovely landscapes, delicious food and superb wines of Tuscany. Just ask us!

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