TOTEM – Cirque du Soleil (suspended)

Rome - From 1/4/2020 to 10/5/2020

TOTEM – Cirque du Soleil (suspended)

Set on an island that evokes the shape of a giant tortoise, TOTEM is conceived as a multi-sensory journey that traces the main stages of the human species, from amphibians to man’s desire to be able to fly.

From a technical point of view, TOTEM is one of the most avant-garde and innovative shows ever made by Cirque du Soleil. The show involves the use of the most advanced videomapping technologies, capable of creating extraordinary optical effects and giving life to projections that interact harmoniously with the artists’ movements on stage, producing ripples, splashes, and reflections in water and flames.

With acrobatic performances that evoke the moments of the history of evolution, the show describes a world of archetypal characters who, in perfect harmony with the Nature that hosts them, assist and stage the perennial and existential questions about life, telling, alternately between science and legend, hidden dreams and the infinite possibilities of human beings.

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