My Yom Kippur

My Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins today at sunset (at 7.40 pm in Rome) and ends tomorrow at nightfall (September 28 at 7.38 pm in Rome).

Like almost everything else this year, Kippur is looking different: we will remember it for social distancing, preventive measures and limited services and contact between us.
Across the country, synagogues are moving services outside or spacing out chairs.
I’ll stay at home like many other people, far from my parents again.

Who knows?

Maybe sometimes we have to get away to feel closer. So I decided that during this fast I will try to focus on finding a way to make things better for me, for my family and friends instead on what I’m missing.
Wishing you an easy fast and a meaningful and safe Yom Kippur!


Photo of the Spanish Synagogue by Gabriele Girardi

Irit Levy

My name is Irit Levy and I am your kosher travel designer in Italy. With over 10 years of experience as the head of the Communication and Events office of the Jewish Museum of Rome, I was able to develop important relationships with all the Jewish communities in Italy, which led me to decide to put my extensive knowledge within the Jewish field to create something unique which would gather my culture, my profession and passion: The Jewish Life Experience.

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