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Hoshana Rabbà at the Great Synagogue of Rome

The seventh day of Sukkot and the final day of the High Holiday cycle is called Hoshana Rabbà (Great salvation or great help): this day is considered the final day of the divine judgment in which we beseech God for a healthy and prosperous New Year. In this day the 7 Hoshanot (supplications calling on G-d to bless us with a good judgment for the upcoming year) are recited in seven Hakkafot (circuits) around the Torah scrolls while shaking the lulav (one of the Four Species used during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot)...

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My Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins today at sunset (at 7.40 pm in Rome) and ends tomorrow at nightfall (September 28 at 7.38 pm in Rome). Like almost everything else this year, Kippur is looking different: we will remember it for social distancing, preventive measures and limited services and contact between us. Across the country, synagogues are moving services outside or spacing out chairs. I’ll stay at home like many other people, far from my parents again. Who knows? Maybe sometimes we have to get away to feel closer. So I decided that during this fast I will...

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A tour with and for the European Jewish Association in Rome

Some amazing moments of the Jewish former ghetto walking tour i was happy and honored to arrange a few days ago for 30 members of the Jewish European Association during their third  “bootcamp”. More photos on Instagram:   Thank you for the great time toghether. Looking forward to seeing you again soon in Rome!  ...

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Blue Deer. Sailing towards the horizon.

Not a house at the sea but rather the sea as a home, a home that goes beyond familiar borders, navigating towards hidden beauty. The Blue Deer is a sailing catamaran that was born to be a grand, exclusive and comfortable mode of traveling, day after day, immersed between the waves and the horizon. To discover the seas of the...

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