Kosher Cooking Classes

Kosher Cooking Classes at restaurant

What is the secret to cooking the perfect Jewish style artichoke?

And what curious stories lurk beneath the succulent recipes of Frattaglie (Jewish style haggis) and Scarti del Pesce (savory fish scraps)?

These recipes and many more are included amongst the anecdotes and secrets of the Judeo-Roman culinary tradition.

Our chef will be delighted to reveal all, during an authentic culinary demonstration. You will discover the origins of a centuries-old, gastronomic kosher tradition.

Strap on your aprons and prepare to experience the concocting of a delicious meal involving all your senses.

After cooking, you can sit and relax at the table and enjoy the lunch which you have created with your own hands!

COOKING CLASSES AT HOME (employing vegetarian recipes)

The best of Roman cuisine begins in Campo De ‘Fiori, one of the oldest markets in the city.

In the company of our chefs, among the market stalls, you will learn how to recognize and select ingredients, and you will enter into the world of the Jewish-Roman culinary tradition, completely vegetarian style.

If you have a celiac condition or are allergic to particular ingredients, we will compose a delicious, personalized menu for you exquisitely perfect for your palate!

Enjoy this unique experience to create and taste in a group with others passionate about cooking, with family, with children, or in a private cooking class, available for booking upon request.

 Home cooking classes take place in a kitchen/studio near Gianicolo area.

Morning lessons: 9.30 am – around 2,30 pm.

Afternoon lessons: 3:30 pm – 8,30 pm.

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